Keith Maiden

Original from Wolverhamptom, Keith now works from his studio by the Welsh coast. Describing his work as storytelling, Keith uses art to ask questions about our society. Exploring themes of narcissism, greed and civil unrest, his paintings intertwine raw emotion with a hunger to understand the world around us. Keith has no formal training and instead relies on his instincts. His ideas begin with hand-drawn scribbles before they are developed as a storyboard. Once he is happy with the composition, Keith paints using layer upon layer of graphite, acrylic, oil and soft pastel. Recent influences include fictional soldiers and police from the Star Wars films, and the changing roles of women in society. He often includes political symbols such as the British flag to incite
conversation. "I am not after perfection, I paint from the heart and strive for emotion and feeling in my work. It's not just about putting paint on a canvas - I want people to feel the painting, whatever the subject
may be."