Lucy Churchill

Lucy Churchill is a sculptor based in York, England. Her taboo-breaking, innovative work celebrating women's sexuality is a far leap from her background creating bespoke memorials and historical reconstruction's. She started her career in museums (The Metropolitan Museum New York, and The Crafts Council London) before taking a more hands-on approach via a Diploma from The City Guilds of London Art School leading to traditional apprenticeships at fine-craft workshops (Dick
Reid's Workshop in York, Richard Kindersley's in London). As a freelancer, Churchill created numerous memorials and architectural features that are publicly but anonymously displayed across
Britain. Her reconstruction work features on television and in books, and her academic research into Tudor history has been published. Churchill's current body of work is a complete break with tradition, in style and subject; it addresses women's sexuality with a frank female gaze. Created after a life-changing #MeToo experience, the sculptures are startlingly raw. Using a Direct Carving approach with technical mastery she eschews a fully described, polished finish leaving parts of the
block uncarved, tool marks still clearly visible. Her goal is to imbue rejected shards with a holy reverence and a power that belies their size. Working at both ends of the technical spectrum, Churchill also carves bone and uses 3D scanning and printing to create tiny portable sculptures to soothe and empower the wearer. Churchill has found an appreciative audience for her sculpture and wearable art through Instagram. Images of her work have been showcased by The Vagina Museum and reposted around the world. She has become a spokesperson on recovery from sexual trauma through art (on social media, at York University and Look North, Yorkshire Television, September 2021).