Last Woman Standing

Last Woman Standing


Ancaster Limestone with bone inserts. Marble base.

69cm H x 24cm W x 10cm D / Base: 4cm H x 23cm W x 16cm D

Based - in spirit not in style - on an 11 th sculpture from Iraq in the British Museum. The original sculpture fascinated me. A description carved on her back said it depicted a certain woman and was made to mock her. Even the BM label spoke of the figure dismissively as being crudely formed, but I thought her solid shape was calm and beautiful. I wanted to give this unknown woman her power back. I
deliberately combined a loose, immediate carving style with careful details such as her bone nipples. Inclusions are usually reserved for decorative details or eyeballs in ancient sculptures, but because the inscription mocked her nakedness I wanted to celebrate her femininity, hence her prominent and carefully wrought nipples.

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Height 73 cm / 28 "
Width 23 cm / 9 "
Depth 16 cm / 6 "