The Wheel of Fortune - Framed

The Wheel of Fortune - Framed



This original is part of the "Silence" Collection.

The Wheel of Fortune symbolises the depth of life's cycles and inevitable changes. It represents destiny, karma, and the concept of what goes around comes around. The card signifies favourable turns of events, always have faith that the Universe will take care of your situation in the best way possible. Beliefs reinforce your intention to bring increased abundance, good fortune and prosperity to you. Your life is about to turn in more positive directions if you are willing to grow and expand. Keep your mind open to all kinds of synchronicities and signs from the Universe. The magic of fate and destiny is behind you, and believe, miracles are about to happen.

Materials: cardboard, paper, diverse semi precious stones, lapis lazuli stone, carnelian stone, metal embellishment, Japanese paper, crystals, leather, ink, diamond dust, acrylic paint and varnish.

Signed by the Artist.

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Height 75 cm / 29 "
Width 60 cm / 23 34"
Depth 5 cm / 2 "