Red Sandstone (Rosso Antico Marble base + slate base).

H 26cm x W 24cm x D 4cm / Base: H 5cm x W 39.5cm x D 8cm

Based on ancient stelae, stone slabs incised to honour someone's life in pre-historic and early Classical times. Found in the Mediterranean/ Black Sea area, they are deceptively crude and simple - each one is different but works within a specific set of rules that carefully balance form and harmony of line. I haven't tried to create a historic reconstruction, but worked within the rules making free use of contemporary letter-cutting tools and techniques. I playfully referenced the eye inclusions found in ancient portrait sculptures in the
British Museum by creating optional golden eye inserts using brass tacks. These can be permanently fastened, or not.

'Own Art' Option Available - Contact the gallery for further information.

Shipping P.O.A. Subject to quotation and will be charged separately.


Height 31 cm / 12 "
Width 39.5 cm / 15 "
Depth 8 cm / 3 14"