Fleur de Vie Large 24k Gold SE - Framed

Fleur de Vie Large 24k Gold SE - Framed


Conservation Framed with AR70 Glass.

The flower of life, filled with 100 tiny hummingbirds and a few other hidden extras. The sacred geometrical pattern known as the fleur de vie, featuring 6 sided flowers, is reflected in the shapes of the Allium on which this is based. A solar analemma (a pattern revealed if you took a picture of the sun once a month for a year and overlaid the images) is hidden in the flowerhead, representing the seasons and the annual renewal of life. Finally, inspired by ornate 18th century hand painted chinese wall paper, there's a single dragonfly representing freedom and new ways of being.

Special edition Giclée print on Somerset Rag, made from 100% cotton fibre using a traditional mould machine. Hand embellished with 24k Gold.

ED. /8

Signed by the Artist.

Shipping P.O.A. Subject to quotation and will be charged separately.


Height 92 cm / 36 "
Width 70 cm / 27 34"