Hold My Hand Aksha - Framed

Hold My Hand Aksha - Framed


Conservation Framed with AR70 Glass.

The latest in Kristjana's coveted Hold my Hand Skeleton artwork series, and an artistic study of the passing and importance of time. This pair convey a gentle tenderness that meets with powerful force in the touch of the fingers; a light and natural impulse that sends electricity surging down the spine. Stripped back to the bare bones of their being, these souls have just their hearts, their love and their emotion left behind, and take this moment to reach out to their companion beneath a cloud burst of anticipation of what is still to come. Yet time, humankind's greatest adversary, ticks by with every moment and these hands cannot prevent the transient sands from slipping through their grasp. Tiny hour glasses, clock faces and the very wheels of time gather within, motifs that signal its perpetual passing. Yet ethereal creatures belie the transience, swirling busily between the bones and discharging nature's vital lifeforce; dragonfly storks, flying lobster dolphins, butterflies and birds, settling for just a moment, but living that moment to its fullest.

Giclée on Matt Smooth Fine Art Cotton 300 gsm.

ED. /175

Signed by the Artist.

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Height 53 cm / 21"
Width 42 cm / 16 "