Iridescent Icelandic Heart

Iridescent Icelandic Heart


Enter the very heart of the land of fire and ice - the full force of Iceland's extraordinary landscape pulsates through the vessels of this heart that shimmers rhythmically with the mark left by Aurora, Goddess of Dawn. Island creatures explore the anatomical crevices, telling their stories of a remarkable land. A whip-tailed ray appears as if from a dream, and a hidden kraken whispers of Iceland's mythology and magic - can you spot the tiny 'alfhol', elf house? A wayfarer directs the traveller to Iceland's majestic volcanic peaks, their dormant geothermic energy an awe inspiring promise of fire, light and spectacle, while all around, the life-giving sea caresses the land, bringing bounty and prosperity to this ancient isle.

Giclée on Matt Smooth Fine Art Cotton 300 gsm.

ED. /175

Signed by the Artist.

Shipping P.O.A. Subject to quotation and will be charged separately.


Height 41 cm / 16 14"
Width 41 cm / 16 14"