Limited Edition Gold Leaf Fine Art Print.

Pigment Print on paper, 24-carat gold leaf.

This artwork is a feminine take on the ancient Roman God of new beginnings. Looking to the past and the future with two faces, it is a representation of self-reflection, transition, growth and time. A depiction of both public and private faces and in what means we choose to reveal them.

Musings In Heaven is a limited edition fine art print from an original cyanotype. The original cyanotype was created by constructing a hand-cut collage using female photographic portraiture and hand-printed surface textures from planetary chemigrams. After coating the handmade paper with light-sensitive chemistry, it is left to dry in a dark room. The large scale negative is then printed onto the paper by exposure to daylight (UV rays). The print is then processed by thoroughly washing in water to remove any unexposed solution. It can then be hung to dry, developing to full density Prussian blue after 24 hours. The original artwork was professionally scanned and the image was giclee printed onto fine art paper,each print in the edition is hand finished with 24-carat gold leaf.

Signed by the Artist.

'Own Art' Option Available - Contact the gallery for further information.

Shipping P.O.A. Subject to quotation and will be charged separately.


Height 90.3 cm / 35 34"
Width 65.7 cm / 26"
Depth 3 cm / 1 "